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Munira Xaymardan

Associate Professor Munira Xaymardan has a Dentistry degree and a clinical master’s degree in Oral Surgery from Shanghai Jiaotong University, followed by a PhD degree from The University of Sydney. Her work experiences include general and specialised dental practice and stem cell research at Cornell University, New York and Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Australia. In the past 10 years, she has been teaching and coordinating Oral and Systemic Biomedicine at the University of Sydney Dental School and is the Program Director, Dentistry at the University of Sydney, Health Executive Education. The research focus for Associate Professor Xaymardan is on developmental biology and stem cells. Current projects include the Orofacial muscle development and regeneration, and the impact of maternal periodontitis in foetal development. She is PhD supervisor and the deputy chair of the Australian Dental Research Foundation.