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Foundations of Directorship - Health, September

Foundations of Directorship - Health, September
Sydney Health Executive Education in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) will be holding a 3-day Foundations of Directorship – Health course in September.

This unique program developed for healthcare leaders is aimed at directors, senior executives and managers who play a critical role in the governance of an organisation. It is imperative that leaders in health have a strong understanding of the principles of governance, financial acumen and a discerning grasp of risk and strategy.  

Based upon the highly respected AICD Foundations course the program has been customised for health and medical professionals in consultation with experienced leaders and directors across a range of healthcare and medical organisations.  

The program will be led by expert facilitators who will create an interactive and unique learning environment. Participants will benefit from a series of short activities, realistic customised case studies and facilitated discussions. 


    Over six comprehensive sessions delivered across three days Foundations of Directorship - Health will cover:  

     1. Governance for Health Directors

    • The Role of the Director and the Board
    • Introduction to Board Meetings and Governance in health and medical context

    2. Finance for Directors

    • Introduction to financial statements 
    • Assessing financial performance for Directors  

    3. Strategy and Risk 

    • Introduction to strategic risk 
    • Risk: Issues for Directors 

Learning outcomes

  • Features of organisational governance within a health context. 
  • Understanding of the role and key functions of the board and its directors, directors’ rights, and their associated liabilities and protections. 
  • How to make an informed decision when considering joining a board/organisation.  
  • Duties with regards to financial statements and systems.  
  • Interpret and understand the key financial statements of an organisation and how they relate to decision making. 
  • Be able to discuss formulating, implementing and monitoring strategy and how to establish and manage key strategic planning frameworks. 
  • Illustrate your potential role in identifying, assessing and managing risk and discuss risk avoidance, risk culture and risk appetite.

Course delivery method

3 full days of face-to-face learning.  

Course pre-requisites

Health and medical sector board members and directors, senior managers and organisational leaders. Those seeking to develop their knowledge and capacities on leadership, governance, risk management and strategic decision making.  

Additional Information

For terms and conditions, please view here

Limited places - capacity is 25 participants only.



Course fees
 Standard registration  $5390 (incl. GST).
 Alumni/Staff  Please contact [email protected]
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In person event
Wednesday, 25 September 2024 to
Friday, 27 September 2024
9:00AM - 5:00PM



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